Digital pollution: three tips to reduce our impact on the planet

Our practices are responsible for CO2 emissions, and we explain how to limit them through a few simple actions and questions.

Do you know digital pollution? It includes all of the CO2 emissions linked to our digital practices: our consumption of devices, our uses and the storage related to them.

In October 2019, Ademe (*) made an inventory of the distribution of greenhouse gases emitted due to digital technology and it turns out that the most important impact lies in our equipment, which represents 47% greenhouse gases generated by digital technology, followed by network infrastructures (28%) and data centers (25%).

1 The choice of our terminals

It is therefore the number 1 thought to have, when seeking to reduce your environmental impact through digital technology.Which computer, phone, GPS, tablet to buy? "We need research and commitment on the part of manufacturers and for the consumer, a kind of education to have, in particular the need not to change terminal constantly", explains Jacques Moulin, general manager of the 'Idate Digiworld in Montpellier.

In short, choose a tool whose construction guarantees a minimum of environmental respect and whose repairability allows it to last longer.And when it is necessary, as a last resort, to get rid of it, the watchword remains: recycle .

The additional advice: aim for reconditioned, at the time of purchase.This involves putting devices back on the market, after an overhaul to ensure that they are in good working order.This extends the life of the equipment and limits the consumption of materials.raw.

Posted Date: 2021-01-17

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