PS4 Black Friday: the refurbished version at 149€99 on Cdiscount

For Black Friday, gamers are also entitled to their bargains, and Cdiscount is offering them the reconditioned PS4 Slim 500 GB for only 149.99 euros.

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With Black Friday, there are plenty of bargains to be found at almost every online retailer, and as Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach, there are also great deals on game consoles. After all, game consoles always look their best under the tree, so Cdiscount has a deal on the PS4 Slim 500GB, with refurbished consoles as good as new.The price is much more attractive, and the fact that they are refurbished is no problem at all, firstly because they are brand new and have never been used, and secondly because they come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. And for Black Friday, Cdiscount is offering the PS4 Slim 500 GB for only $149.99.

The PS4 Slim 500 Go for less than 150 euros on Cdiscount

The PS4 Slim 500GB is just as powerful as its big sister, the first PS4 to be released, but with a sleeker, more compact design that blends seamlessly into your living room. It still comes with a blu-ray player, multiple USB ports, supports many audio formats and also allows you to install applications for online streaming services: between movies, series and games, the PS4 Slim remains a complete multimedia centre.

Black Friday Cdiscount is November 29th, which means that you have until tonight to take advantage of the offers from the online merchant, so there’s not a second to lose!

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